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The ultimate superfood

Its the ultimate superfood since it combines the beneficial properties of honey with the pharmaceutical properties of cannabidiol (CBD). It addresses the high demands of modern lifestyle and the intense everyday living as it improves our health and wellness. Furthermore it enriches the effort of professional and amateur athletes The combination of these two ingredients results in fulfilling the required energy and contributes the faster recovery of injuries after intense workout. CBD is approved by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Greek Company

The Greek company Melirito started in line with our love for the Greek land and its products and specializes in the Greek varieties of honey that are produced in a natural way. It is our aim to collect the finest Greek honey and promote it both in the national, as well as in the international market. All of our products hold quality control certifications and have successfully been through all the legal chemical analysis, ascertaining that they do not contain sugar, glucose and other chemical components.

100% Natural Greek Honey

Our products are available in the following types of jars, the 250 gram jar, the 400 gram jar, the 750 gram jar and the 45 gram jar for hotel use.

Cretan Thyme Honey
From the foothills of Mount Ida (Psiloritis).

Flower Honey
From wildflowers of the forest of Parnassus.

Forest Honey from Olympus
From the wild flora of the forest of Olympus.

Fir Honey
From fir trees of the forest of Vytina.

Thyme Honey with CBD Crystals:

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Ideal for good health and longevity