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The Greek company Melirito started in line with our love for the Greek land and its products
and specializes in the Greek varieties of honey that are produced in a natural way.
It is our aim to collect the finest Greek honey and promote it both in the national, as well as in the international market.

All of our products hold quality control certifications and have successfully been through all the legal chemical analysis,
ascertaining that they do not contain sugar, glucose and other chemical components.

The bees of Melirito are exclusively fed with nectar, honey and pollen found in the land where they are kept,
creating in this way, honey of high nutritional value and quality.

The collection of Melirito consists of the finest varieties of Greek honey such as,
fir honey from Vytina at Mount Mainalo, thyme honey from the foothills of Mount Ida (Psiloritis) in Crete,
honey from wildflowers of the forest of Parnassus and forest honey from the wild flora of the forest of Olympus.

Depending on the seasonable efflorescence, our collection of honey is enriched with several other types of honey.

The process of standardization is carried out with all the requisite specifications,
in order for our honey to be placed even in the most demanding markets.

Our love for bees and the production of Greek honey, along with our experience and knowledge upon the subject,
help us satisfy the needs of the clients in both quality and prices.

Each honey jar of Melirito is a tasteful journey in the tradition and the wisdom of the Greek land.